Virtual Akihabara Street Tour: the debut of Google Streetview Japan

For several years now travelers have been uploading photos of their visits to the planet’s tech mecca, Akihabara in Tokyo, Japan, on sites like Flickr. These charitable acts gave the poorer geeks among us without the airfare to travel to Japan a chance to taste a bit of the electronic future bubbling underneath the country's surface. But now with the debut of Google Streetview for Japan, anyone can virtually visit the sacred streets that continue to pull in thousands of foreign techies daily.

Over the last few days I’ve managed to cobble together a rough virtual tour of the places in Akihabara that I’ve found helpful over the last five years since I first began visiting the area regularly. Here you’ll find a link to the veritably hidden Linux Café (far less geeky than the name would suggest, but cool none the less), and you can find the full virtual tour here.

Via MARS Magazine