USB heated shawl keeps nerdy grandmothers warm in the wintertime

We've seen some pretty ludicrous heated USB gadgets, from slippers to kneepads to mice, and now we have yet another addition to the hallowed line of insane gadgets: the USB heated shawl. Yes, a shawl, the thing that grandmothers everywhere use to keep their shoulders warm in the wintertime.

For a mere $29 you can have a shawl that heats itself up after being plugged into your USB port, making you nice and toasty. It's the perfect accessory for you if you work in an office and don't mind being seen as a crazy mixture of a computer nerd and a grandmother. And hey, if you're a nerdy grandmother I'm pretty sure this is a required purchase for you. The nerdy grandmother market is surprisingly robust, I hear.

USB Shawl, via Like Cool