UNICEF's "Bee" will provide an impressive array of communications, anywhere

When there's a disaster that knocks out lines of communication and power, or in a country that isn't so technologically advanced, UNICEF busts out its prototype "Bee." The Bee was designed to be mobile and versatile. It can be set up in a few hours and provides FM radio, Wi-Fi and mobile messaging services, all powered by solar panels (or, if there's not enough sun, car batteries or any other power source that's on hand).

The best thing about it all: The Bee, as it has to, uses off-the-shelf components so anyone could go out and buy what's needed and cobble it together. That means its various parts are easy to replace in a pinch, as well. While you may not be able to run to the nearest Best Buy in a 3rd world country, replacement parts wouldn't be hard to stock and bring along.

The Bee is first being tested in the state of New York. If all goes well, it'll be deployed in South Africa in September, and be used as a blueprint for advancing mobile, cheap communication stations that are robust enough to be deployed anywhere.

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