Ultra Motor A2B Electric Bike lets you call yourself a cyclist

We Americans say we like bike riding, but we're too damn lazy to pedal. That’s why we’ll snap up this Ultra Motor A2B Electric Bike with its proprietary power plant that can go 40 miles on a charge with its extended battery. We’re wondering how they fit that 500-watt sucker inside this diminutive frame.

It’s not exactly slow, either — zipping you along at 20mph, and if you feel like pedaling its 8-gear bicycle drive train for some reason, well, you can do that, too, for even more speed and efficiency. But don’t stress yourself. You’re not riding a bike… it’s a transportation solution!

Ships next month, but brace yourself: this 73-pound beast costs $2,500, enough for quite a few limousine rides.

Ultra Motor, via Business Wire