Touch Sight: Camera for the blind may open a lot of eyes

Concept devices are sometimes made stronger when the design is kept simple and the focus is a great new idea. The Touch Sight is just such a concept that would essentially revolutionize the world of the blind by giving the community the ability to take "photos." According to designer Chueh Lee of Samsung China, "Touch Sight does not have an LCD but instead has a lightweight, flexible Braille display sheet which displays a 3D image by embossing the surface, allowing the user to touch their photo." Visually impaired users would manage their photos by using the camera's file system that records sounds three seconds after pressing the shutter button.

The idea is so brilliant that it won the 2008 International Design Excellence Award. Beyond the notion of taking Braille photos, such a device would almost certainly result in the emergence of a new field of visual art works by artists creatively using the technology to show the rest of us how the blind see the world in ways we could never imagine.

Via Yanko Design