Swivel Barbecue uses tripod for easy hobo grilling on the go

Hobos everywhere, rejoice! Here's the familiar-looking Swivel Barbecue, a tripod grill that sets up in a jiffy. With a quick half-twist, its three poles form a sturdy stand from which you hang the cooking grate. Adjust its height over the flames to your liking, and your beans will be warmed up with an efficiency you’ve never experienced.

The designer says this cooking grate has “v-shaped lateral ribs,” designed to reduce the amount of fat dripping into the flames below, but this misses the point of grilling. It’s that burning fat that gives seared animal flesh most of its flavor, a concept that's well known to makers of the fanciest high-tech barbecues. But hey, if all you’re cooking is a can of beans, this Swivel Barbecue might do the trick.

If designer Hannes Freising would lose those fat-reducing ribs, make the rods telescoping and keep the weight down, this might be suitable for backpacking. But we hobos might have a problem with that $265 price.

Haseform, via Design Spotter