Suntable turns your backyard into a gadget-charging paradise

As I sit here in Cadman Plaza outside the Brooklyn Federal Courthouse (jury duty blows), tapping into some random Wi-Fi network and watching my MacBook’s battery slowly dwindle, I find myself wishing I had one of these Suntables right here in front of me.

It’s a great idea — an outdoor table is just a big flat surface that’s not doing anything most of the time — why not put a solar panel in it? Then bloggers on the run wouldn’t be anxiously crossing our fingers, hoping that year-old battery can still hold a decent charge.

That assumes, of course, you have the appropriate hookup gear, though if you could combine the Suntable with a cordless charging device like the Wildcharger, it would be a must-have for every gadget lover’s backyard. As it stands, the Suntable’s $2,200 asking price is pretty steep.

Sun Table, via Popgadget