Stephen Hawking's hulking prosthetic suit (with menacing robo-claw)

Wired has a gallery up of sculptor Michael Rea's science fiction designs made out of wood. He has everything from crazy transports to wacky guns and — as you can see above — a massive and menacing mech designed for the finest mind mankind has ever produced, Stephen Hawking. The suit, titled A Prosthetic Suit For Stephen Hawking with Japanese Steel, is a tribute to Hawking as Rea is a huge fan of the theoretical physicist and has enjoyed his comical appearances on shows such as The Simspons and Futurama.

The eight-foot-tall, 300-pound suit isn't simply an inert sculpture, either. There's a hatch located at the rear of the unit for someone to crawl in. The mech's got a huge fist and a rather scary looking gripper, just in case Hawking has to get theoretically physical on some science-hating punks.

Click Continue to see the backside of Rea's A Prosthetic Suit For Stephen Hawking with Japanese Steel.


Via Wired