Star Trek Command Chair makes anyone feel like Captain Kirk

Feeling powerless? Escape to the captain’s chair from the Star Trek original series, and start barking out orders and making dramatic pronouncements as your family rolls their eyes. Just don’t let the missus see that credit card bill when it zips over $1000 out of your cash hoard at a speed exceeding warp nine. Start carrying around a Star Trek communicator when you're away from home, and your apparent insanity will have come full circle.

Comparing it to the original prop from the ‘60s TV series in the picture above, it looks remarkably similar, and its makers have outfitted the chair with authentic sound effects and blinkenlights. For those who are less imaginative, there’s some sampled dialog you can play back, but we’re thinking that could get annoying fast. Just tell your guests not to push that button, or it will accidentally jettison them in an escape pod.

Exact pricing and delivery dates are sketchy, but it should be available sometime in 2009. Hit Continue for a larger pic of the chair.


Via Retrothing