Spooky Axolute sink apparently has no drainpipe, must be magic

What happened to the drain on this sink from Italian company Axolute? The water either magically disappears, or it slips away via patented “Horizontal Integrated Siphon” technology. You decide. Okay, all you party poopers, if you lean forward and look under the front rim of this sink, you’ll see the slot through which the water flows, sneaking under the basin and into a pipe in the wall. Mount a faucet and its controls into that wall and the spooky illusion is complete.

Axolute offers this stainless steel model, as well as some great-looking white Corian sinks with red, blue or black trim, all using this little plumbing magic trick. Take a look at the gallery below for shots of those, as well as a clever installation in a vanity with shelves below. Imagine the perplexed looks of your guests as they wonder how it all this fancy plumbing works. Just answer them with a quote from the late, great Arthur C. Clarke: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

Axolute Design, via Trendir