Sounger Vin 1/8 Violin Stereo Speaker System is not just fiddling around

Hey, let’s get a couple of violins and turn them into speakers! Looks like a clever Korean has already thought of that, and the result is the Sounger Vin 1/8 Violin Stereo Speaker System. While the system's $770 price proves these fiddles aren’t exactly Stradivari, it’s still a great idea to use the classic violin shape to make your music resonate just like it did when it was created. Must be particularly good for violin music.

Each of these 20W fiddlespeaks is built out of maple and spruce just like a real violin, and their "1/8" size makes them about four inches shorter than a standard-sized 23.5-inch instrument. We especially like the 30W power amp/subwoofer with its blue interior LED light. Let’s hope those strings are properly dampened, preventing unintended accompaniment. Short of a self-playing violin, robot violinist, or Guitar Hero, this is the closest way yet to play music without being a musician.

Fun Shop (Korean), via TFTS