Soundmatters foxL Pocket Monitor for travelin' audiophiles

Big sound doesn’t usually come in small packages, but this Soundmatters foxL Pocket Monitor might be able to overcome that limitation. Besides its two “Linear Magnetic Drive Twoofers,” if you hang this bauble around your neck its bass radiator on the back is said to give your chest a good booming kick down to 80Hz. It certainly won't sound like million-dollar speakers, but could it sound good enough for persnickety audiophiles? Doubtful.

The flagship model ($249) connects with your Bluetooth-compatible cellphone or laptop, and also has an on-board noise-canceling mic for phone calls. Maybe if the iPhone would someday let you listen to stereo music via Bluetooth, this might be a worthy accessory. Until then, you could settle for the $199 wired version. Both ship in September. “Insanely great?” This we gotta hear.

Soundmatters, via CrunchGear