Sony Walkman S-Series: cheaper and more format-friendly than iPod nano

Our recent post about the upcoming iPod nano attracted some of the craziest comments we’ve ever seen, many of which must have oozed from the steaming cracks of some hellish Internet from an alternate universe.

We feel your pain, fellow miscreants. So in the interest of being fair and balanced ®, here we bring you one of Sony’s new Walkman players, the S-series that gives you iTunes-free music and video, as well as in-flight noise-canceling earbuds. Sony calls it format-friendly, playing lots of file formats including the DRM-infested Windows Media Video (WMV).

It’s small, too. At 7.5mm thick, it’s about the same thickness as the iPod nano, but its 2-inch screen is too tiny. Even so, it can still play back postage-stamp-sized video at 30 frames per second. Its price is relatively minuscule as well, coming in at an iPod-identical $150 for the 4GB model and a $20-cheaper-than-iPod $180 for its 8GB bro. We like.

Via Sony