Sony announces a 'new' PSP, tacks on two lackluster features

Sony has a new version of its PlayStation Portable coming out, called the PSP-3000. If you were hoping for any major changes — such as a redesigned button layout for a more comfortable grip or even more power than before — keep waiting. Instead, you've got a microphone built-in that will enable the PSP to double as a phone (while not looking as ugly as the N-Gage) and, presumably, enable DS-style microphone-based video games. Also — wait for it — a brighter, more vibrant screen that'll work better outdoors.

Thanks, Sony.

It took a slimmer, lighter PSP with redesigned ports and double the RAM to make the jump from the PSP-1000, pictured above, to the PSP-2000, and consumers responded by buying the new PSP as a replacement for the older model. Is a microphone and a dubious new screen enough to convince you to toss out that 2000 for the new 3000?

Via Reuters