Sonance Kayak speaker rocks like a stereo pair, looks sexy doing it

Looking at the Sonance Kayak speaker, my first thought isn't "personal watercraft" but "museum pedestal from 2567." But that could be just me. Whatever you think the speaker looks like (the comment field awaits), here's what it does: stereo sound from a single speaker. Many other speakers make the same claim, of course, but the Kayak has a novel design from those Italian geniuses at NACSound to help make it happen.

The big deal: Those lamp-like cones on the top and bottom each contain a coaxial driver array. And that jewel-shaped gray thing in the middle? That's an acoustic reflector, computer-designed so that the resulting sound field gives the best possible stereo image. Even more impressive, it works whether suspended horizontally or vertically.

Such craftsmanship doesn't come cheap, however — the Kayak sells for $2,900 in any of its 14 available finishes. Still, that's better than a lot of other crazy-expensive speakers we've seen, and most of those can't touch the Kayak in the looks department. Not to mention you only have to buy one of them.

Via Sonance