Shapeways: A 3D printing service cheap enough for you and me

If you send Netherlands-startup Shapeways a 3D rendering or design, they can send you back a fully three dimension representation for your work rather cheaply — fees usually range from $50 to $150. Considering that 3D printing units typically cost over $10,000, this is great news for independent concept artists and anyone who just needs a few physical models of their designs. It would even helps students who have amazing digital skills, though lack the mind-blowing modeling talents we've seen several examples of here on DVICE.

To print objects in 3D, Shapeway's machines use a mixture of different polymers, sprayed in several layers, until the specified thickness of each part of a design is matched. All you have to do is sign up and start building a portfolio of your designs on Shapeway's site, and then, if you want something printed, your model will be shipped back to you within 10 days of you ordering it.

We certainly wouldn't mind seeing the work of the concept artists we cover here turn into real, tangible models.

Shapeways, via Technology Review