SensoGlove lets you get a high-tech handle on your golf swing

Golf is one of those sports where people will spend huge piles of cash on all the latest gear, but with most of it there isn't a whole lot of cool technology involved. Sure, some fancy clubs use carbon fiber or other high-tech materials, but it's still all pretty low tech.

The SensoGlove from SensoSolutions of Germany looks to inject at least a little tech into the game, by providing digital feedback about your grip. Professional golfers say that using a light grip is essential to maintain a consistent stroke, so the SensoGlove teaches you how to ensure the optimal pressure. Sensor pads built into each finger monitor each finger, then an audible warning sounds if you are gripping too firmly. The LCD display even shows which fingers are causing the problem.

The SensoGlove is available now for $99.

SensoGlove, via Gizmo Watch