RoboStool patrols your home for tired feet

Unlike your average foot stool which sits just out of range, insolently expecting you to move it so that you can put your feet up, the RoboStool will come to you. It's got three modes: remote control, a mode which uses waypoints for navigation and a thermal sensor for free roaming. When it needs to see, the RoboStools "head" pops up from under the cushion and a red, glowing eye rather creepily scans the floor ahead for obstructions when it's in motion. I don't think you have to worry about being surprised, however, it makes a rather ungodly awful noise.

Steve Norris, curator of his own Norris Labs, is the creative mind behind the RoboStool. It uses techniques he's learned building other robots, including his Night Watchbot and the Follow-Me Rover.

Click Continue to see a video of the RoboStool in action.

Norris Labs, via MAKE, via Technabob