Project Beauty: Nintendo DS software rates your looks and suggests repairs

As if the hyper-beauty-conscious women of Japan didn’t have enough societal pressure, now computers are getting in on the practice of judging beauty. In a clever promotional tie-up with cosmetics giant Shiseido, game maker Nintendo plans to release a new piece of software in November for the Nintendo DS called Project Beauty.

After scanning your face into the software, the program uses a preset list of parameters to tell you if your face is cool, active, cute or feminine. The software will then offer make-up tips designed to improve your appearance (at least in the eyes of the marketing bigwigs at Shiseido). If this wasn’t so typically cute-in-an-odd-Japanese-way, we might have to call this software the scariest computer program most likely to lead to a world of Stepford Wives we’ve ever seen.

Via Nintendic