Periodic Coffee Table contains all the naturally-occurring elements

Here’s a treat for all those clever science-y types that flock to DVICE: a coffee table featuring a periodic table of the elements. The trick here? This table contains actual samples of each of the 92 naturally-occurring elements.

The edge-lit glass case embedded in the table contains individual sealed acrylic blocks containing the various elements. Some of the more dangerous or toxic ones encased in resin, while gaseous ones are in sealed ampules. And yes, there are samples of radioactive elements such as uranium and thorium permanently entombed in the resin for your protection. What about the really hot elements?

“The remaining radioactive samples are supplied in the form of a small piece of low activity uranium or thorium bearing mineral in which a few atoms of the relevant element will exist.”

Of course, the elements that only exist for a zillionth of a second only in a laboratory aren’t included in the set. Neat stuff. You’d better really be crazy about the elements, though, because this table will set you back $8550.

Element Displays, via Geekology