Paper AK-47 is the closest thing art students will ever get to an automatic weapon

This paper AK-47 has good intentions. According to the item description at the A+R Store, its raison d'être is to remove the gun's function by making it completely nonlethal. Since it's made of just $42 of construction paper, the paper AK-47 makes you think about the power of form, iconography, and how the mere shape of an object can influence how people see it and the person who wields it.

All worthy of some freshman art student's final project in Touchy Feely BS 101, to be sure, though if the person being influenced by the AK-47 is a cop, and you're carrying this thing on a street corner, the only possible interpretation of that work is you dying in a hail of gunfire. Not sure if creator Martin Postler considered that, but in case his instructions don't offer a warning: tread carefully with this thing — and whatever you do, don't paint it black.

Via A+R Store