Panasonic announces three headed monster with Blu-ray, DVR, and...VHS!

Surely the result of a computer glitch at HQ that mixed up the latest design briefs with some old files from the '80s, Panasonic has just announced the DMR-BR630V, combining a Blu-ray recorder, VHS recorder, and 320GB DVR into one big machine. While the rest of the world waits anxiously for their first non computer based Blu-ray recorder, it seems that in Japan they've become so jaded that you need to throw in an old school VCR to keep people interested. This will of course allow Japanese Jerry Seinfeld fans to copy their prized collections of Super Terrific Happy Hour to the latest format.

I'll let you know if this, (or any other Blu-ray recorder), shows up at next week's CEDIA Expo.

AV Watch (Japanese), via Gadgetizer