OpenFrame Platform acts like a landline-locked iPhone

Are we detecting a hint of desperation from those companies still making landline phone equipment? Maybe it’s just a coincidence that the OpenFrame Platform from OpenPeak has a piano-black touchscreen with icons that display that familiar iPhoney shininess and rounded-off shape. The frame is the mother ship for those wireless phones you see here, destined to be sold in early 2009 by a telco near you for a dear price of between $200 and $300.

Now all OpenPeak has to do is convince developers to crank out clever applications to reside behind those eye-candy icons, giving you iPhone-like Internet-spiked goodness all over the house. Or, you could just carry your iPhone in your pocket like lots of people are doing as they eschew land lines altogether and call it good. For those of us not quite ready to ditch those old-timey remnants of Ma Bell, how about creating an app for this OpenFrame that interfaces with the iPhone?

OpenPeak, via Wired Gadget Lab