NZXT's whisper-quiet PC case is a siren's call for gamers

Gaming machines can get pretty loud with how much cooling they require, and the powerful components they are often packed with. Custom case builder NZXT kept sound in mind with its upcoming Whisper case, which is insulated with 10 millimeters of noise dampening foam along its flanks and top. It also has rubber grommets to cut down on noise created by vibrations from the hard drives, and a padded power supply holder.

Besides being quiet, the Whisper can hold nine hard drives, has six expansion slots, and uses a screwless cable management system. It has room for four fans and, unlike most cases, has the power supply unit mounted at the bottom of the case to keep it from adding to your motherboard's heat.

The NZXT Whisper comes out next month for $140.

NZXT, via SlipperyBrick