Nokia 9900 has flexible roll-up touchscreen, looks like a pen

Is this a cell phone, or a magic wand? This design concept for a Nokia 9900 cell phone shows what the future may hold for flexible E-Ink screens, hidden inside a pen-shaped device. Beyond being rolled up like a scroll, this display is also a touchscreen.

It’s so small, you might want to use it with the wireless earpiece pictured here, unless, of course, you don’t mind looking like you’re talking into a ball-point pen. Like a pen, it lets you write and draw, presumably storing your scribbling digitally.

This reminds us of an earlier “Nokia Open” cell phone concept that resembles a Chinese fan, but both share the same reality: these flexible E-Ink screens are real and coming soon to cell phones, watches, and even magazine covers.

Cellphone Beat, via Flickr