New Wave chess, for extreme players only

Chess is a great game, but do you sometimes find it a little too… static? Wish you could add an extreme component to it? If downhill chess is something you'd like to try, the New Wave Chessboard is the one you want. The 9 x 9-inch board is made of high-quality corrugated cardboard, and each square has laser-cut slit. You insert the flat playing pieces into the slits, and the board holds them there so tightly they can't be knocked out — the pieces only move when you want them to. Theoretically you could play Frisbee while you also play chess.

Invented by New York designer Daniel Young, the New Wave board also comes with checkers pieces. You can apparently insert pieces into the slits at least 1,000 times without any reduction in the grip. Besides being durable, it's also cheap, costing just 12 bucks. For that price, why the hell not?

Paradoxy Products, via Better Living Through Design