Myth Busted: Mona Lisa painted in 275 milliseconds with 1,100 paintballs

At the NVIDIA's NVISION '08 event, Mythbusters Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage demonstrated the difference between the graphical power of a CPU-based unit and a dedicated graphics processing unit, which NVIDIA makes. The GPU stole the show, of course, going after the CPU demonstration that used a paintball-shooting turret, which painted a simple smiley face on a canvas.

After that, they unveiled what they had planned for the GPU: an 1,100-barrel paintball cannon. In one, concentrated barrage, the 1,100 paintballs did the trick, painting a splotchy-though-recognizable version of the Mona Lisa in just 275 milliseconds. No gamer would ever run a tower with only the on-board CPU to handle the graphics, but the display was awesome anyway.

TG Daily, via Laughing Squid