Muwi mower concept turns your lawn trimmings into fun shapes

Want to make Sunday morning chores fun? Or fool your kids into thinking mowing the lawn is a game? If a mower like the Muwi existed, you'd find your yard trimmings transformed from garbage-bag-filler into different, usable shapes such as cylindrical seats and grass balls. It appears that the Muwi is automated and, after determining the size and shape of the lawn, will get to work all on its own. You only need to clean up the mess — or play with it. Whichever you fancy.

Click Continue for an explanatory image on just how the Muwi works.


The Muwi is a design by South Korean students Yong Hee Cho, Yuli Sung, Jee Won Lee and Seung Hee Son, and won a bronze at the 2008 International Design Excellence Awards.

Via Yanko Design