Minority Report gets real: Multi-touch hologram

Anyone who's seen Minority Report would love a piece of the hologram technology that Tom Cruise uses to flip through holographic images in the air like they were CDs in a jukebox. Obscura Digital has something that's pretty close. The company's new VisionAire tech can sense where a presenter's hands are, letting him or her manipulate a 3D hologram. The holograms are multi-touch, too, so you can zoom, spin or shrink images by using both hands — just like Microsoft Surface (though in this case, surfaceless).

VisionAire uses the Musion Eyeliner holographic projection system, implementing Obscura's proprietary multi-touch tech. The result is unquestionably cool but requires a significant amount of space and cash to pull off, so it would be strictly for big events for now. For something similar but probably more affordable, you might try a Heliodisplay.

Obscura Digital's "Out of the Lab" Blog, via Gizmodo