Mile High Bed lets you join the club without getting your foot stuck in an airplane toilet

Interested in joining the mile high club? Less interested in getting stuck in a bathroom the size of a small closet with your girlfriend and being forced to call the flight attendants to get you out when your pants are down around your ankles? Understandable. While the Mile High Bed won't technically get you access into the club, it's a safer and more sensible alternative.

The bed is constructed from two DC-9 (passenger jet) rear stabilizers and a C-130 (military cargo aircraft) inner flap, so while technically you won't be in a plane when you're in it, you'll be close enough to not get any arguments. You'll need to get in touch with MotoArt for the price, which generally means you won't be able to afford it. I guess the airplane bathroom will have to suffice.

MotoArt, via TFTS