Luna faucet, plumbing as minimalist art

We like our sinks weird, spooky and magic, and now here’s a faucet to match. High-end plumber Graff designed this gorgeous work of art it calls Luna, appearing to be more ski jump than faucet. Its hot and cold water controls reside either in the countertop or on the wall, while the three-foot-tall faucet itself juts out of the wall, gently curving into the sink below.

Wouldn’t this look stunning teamed up with that eerie Axolute sink that appears to have no drainpipe? It would also look great with that sexy-curvy Follo basin. The possibilities are nearly endless, but all these fixtures are certain to be exorbitantly expensive. It’s simply mind-boggling how art has found itself into bathrooms.

Graff, via HDF and Gizmodo