Logitech Speed Force racing wheel for Wii will make you want to crash every 5 seconds

Want to add some extra realism to your Wii racing? Today Logitech announces its Speed Force Wireless racing wheel, a wireless controller that you can use with racing games. Well, racing game — it's currently only compatible with Need for Speed: Undercover, though other games may follow. Besides bestowing players with realistic steering, the wheel gives force feedback, better simulating how it would feel to go over bumps or lose traction. There's no pedal accessory like in some other steering-wheel controllers; the gearshift and other controls are on the wheel.

We got a chance to try out the Speed Force and can say the force feedback is pretty decent, particularly the bumpy traction loss when you skid off the road. We appreciate the convenience of the 2.4GHz wireless connection, too. But the one-piece design is kind of limiting, and the $100 price is almost half the Wii itself. Just as well it's not coming out till November — hopefully there'll be news of some more games that can use it by then.

Via Logitech