LG Invision phone brings Mobile TV to cheapies

The Invision phone doesn't look like much. I mean, there's no touchscreen, no slide-out keyboard, no celebrity voices — why should you care? Mainly because it's the cheapest cellphone you can get that includes AT&T's Mobile TV service. We checked out Mobile TV in the spring and were suitably impressed, although the small screen (about 2 inches) of the Invision will challenge your squint threshold. The service, which offers viewing of 20 channels or so for about $15 a month, is currently available in 58 markets, according to AT&T.

The Invision also features XM Radio Mobile, streaming 25 satellite-radio channels to your phone for $8.99 a month. If you can stand being nickel-and-dimed for all these services, the phone costs just $50, though that's after you've paid $150 for it and have gotten your $50 mail-in rebate and a $50 AT&T "promotion card." If you just need a basic phone with Mobile TV, this is what you want. Otherwise, you may as well go with the pricier but touchscreenier Vu.

Via AT&T