Kyosho Caliber 120, first full-control mini-copter

We’re big fans of those tiny remote-controlled helicopters you can fly around the living room, but they’re hard to steer. While some advances have been made, none give you the 4-channel goodness of the Kyosho Caliber 120. At a minuscule 4.7 inches long, it’s the first mini-chopper with cyclic control, altering the angle of its rotor blades for complete steering in all directions. It works a whole lot like a real chopper.

This like-the-real-thing flying experience requires considerable skill, and it’s only available in kit form, so it might not be for beginners. But if you’ve ever struggled with the nearly uncontrollable experience of the early Picoo Z copters, the Caliber 120’s intricacies might be a welcome relief. Could be worth the $240 price of admission. On sale in Japan next month, it’s probably on its way to the U.S. soon thereafter.

Kyosho America, via CrunchGear