In-car microwave lets you heat up breakfast as you ram the car ahead

As if we didn't have enough distractions while driving. Now Maplin, which is sort of the British version of Radio Shack, has introduced a portable microwave oven that runs on 12 Volts DC. Strap one into the passenger seat, and you can heat up your latte and breakfast burrito as you commute to work. Just please don't try to adjust the timer while moving in freeway traffic. I guess they really intended for you to use this while parked, and I suppose it could be useful for tailgaters and truckers, but I found this warning in the instructions interesting.

"It is advised that you start the vehicle prior to using the microwave to improve cooking times and prevent the car battery from becoming discharged."

On other words, this baby really sucks a lot of juice. The good news is that it's 12 Volt DC juice, so it will work in any country without having to worry about international voltage standards.

The Maplin Car Microwave is available now for about $180. Pretty steep for some warmed up coffee.

Maplin, via Red Ferret Journal