Hysek Colosso watch gives you the whole world on your wrist

In times of economic distress, oftentimes the super-rich seem to fare even better than usual, and now must be no exception because here’s the just-released $550,000 Hysek Colosso watch for them to snap up without thinking twice. It looks like it’s so big it might actually weigh down your arm. Big shots will like the way it lets them keep track of the local time anywhere in the world.

That’s not to say we’re not instantly in love, especially with its tiny 12mm globe that spins in sync with the earth, making a full rev every 24 hours. Other than that, its other features are in keeping with its outlandish price tag, boasting extraordinary accuracy, and more dials and doodads than you can shake a stick at.

So make your choice: take that extra $550K you have lying around and buy a house, or pick up this fancy watch and live in a cardboard box. At least you’ll know what time it is in Istanbul.

Watchismo, via Boing Boing