Hidden cost revealed for Rock Band 2's backwards compatibility

Harmonix explained how they're implementing the promised feature of Rock Band 1 owners being able to play that game's song in Rock Band 2: by charging you a fee to cover the complicated licensing issues. Because I'm sure Harmonix wasn't going to make enough money from the actual game sales to cover the cost of porting the songs over. But they promise it's not going to be more than five dollars, so keep those 400 Microsoft points handy. They also point out you could easily do this with a rental copy of the game.

That's pretty cheap of Harmonix (pictured above administering a five-dollar kick to the face) to announce a feature and then later announce that, oh by the way, you have to pay extra for it. Up next: a fee for the new campaign, the new instruments, and the new online features. Also, a fee for the new songs. Because licensing doesn’t pay for itself!

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