GoBidet sprays you clean for a mere $115

While well-heeled Japanese people wouldn’t think twice about it, Americans are reluctant to spend $5200 on a fancy butt-washing Toto Neorest 600 toilet. This GoBidet might win some converts to the squeaky-clean idea because it gives you a similar sensation for $115. However, you won’t get that hot air dry after the anal car wash is finished, nor will that water be hot. Could be problematic, but hey, you’re saving thousands of bucks!

There is a middle ground: getting just the seat instead of the whole elaborate toilet. The best example is the Kohler C3 200, doing a near-perfect job of cleaning, drying and deodorizing for around $900. It’s even sporting a wireless remote. We’re currently testing one of those right now and will have a full report before too long, but in the meantime, this GoBidet might just be a viable substitute. Click Continue for a video demo.

Hey, that’s some good clean fun! We especially like the Brazilian samba music.

GoBidet, via BB Gadgets