GigaWorks T3 speakers turn your computer into a hi-fi system

A recent survey by Parks Associates showed that two thirds of people use a computer as their primary home music system. That's pretty sad, especially when you consider how desperately crappy most computer speakers sound. Now Creative want's to help out with their new top of the line GigaWorks T3 system. The two stand mounted speakers look pretty standard, but the system includes a secret weapon in the form of a powered subwoofer that uses something called SLAM technology. There's also a wired remote module with a volume control, iPod jack, and headphone output, meaning you can still play your tunes when the computer is turned off.

At yesterday's European launch, Creative quoted a price of 199 Euros (about $290), although I expect that in the US they will be sold under Creative's Cambridge SoundWorks brand name.

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