Fiber Optic Light Glove brings spotlight or floodlight right where you need it

Never mind strapping a flashlight to your head like an old miner, or around your ear like a Borg — this fiber optic light glove brings the light literally to your fingertips. Powered by a battery pack embedded in its wristband, the light source is also in the wrist band, directed by fiber optic pipes to either shine a shadow-free spotlight directly on your work, light up the entire glove in a diffuse floodlight, or both.

Besides being super-handy while working in tight/dark spaces, this could be a boon for night-side traffic cops or ravers of all stripes. We especially like the strategically-located controls, right there on your thumb within easy reach of your index finger. The tech used by this clever design concept might not be quite ready to be cost-effective just yet, but when it is, we’ll wear one of these on each hand.

Design Boom, via Gizmo Watch