Farago Aircool deodorizes businessman's stench cloud with a silver lining

Japanese clothier Aoki is apparently fed up with the fragrance of sweaty salarymen, and attacks the problem with tech. The company is touting Farago Aircool, a line of suits, shirts and socks that quashes that odiferous cloud with an antibacterial silver lining, permeating the material with deodorizing silver ions that could knock down the scent of a goat in heat.

If the heat is unbearable where you are, it might be worth it to spring for the $365 suit, $37 polo shirt or $8 socks, all reasonably priced when you consider the precious metal involved. Or if you’re just sick and tired of sweating through another sticky summer, you could swallow your pride and attach a Mini Clip Fan to your hat.

Better yet, just move to the delightful upper Midwest, where global warming hasn’t shown up thus far — we haven’t had a 90-degree day yet this year.

Aoki, via Crave