Fair Share Cake Plate settles dessert negotiations with perfect accuracy

Have you noticed how giddy, weird and excited people act when it’s time to dole out dessert? Behaving as if they are in the presence of a powerful aphrodisiac or explosive weapon, they cautiously back away, ask for assistance in eating even a small piece of cake, and giggle about chocolate and sugar as if it were cocaine.

Now you can add to the absurdity with this Fair Share Cake Plate, cutting a slice with accuracy down to the millimeter, to the satisfaction of even the most discerning dessert fetishist. And if there’s only one slice left, you can avoid physical violence by divvying it up with the utmost in fairness. It might just be worth the $43.50 (US) just to avoid those kitchen-floor wrestling matches.

Up to You, Toronto
, via Better Living by Design