Epson P-6000 and P7000 Multimedia Photo Viewers might even satisfy eagle-eyed pros

Pro photographers take thousands of pictures, filling up their flash memory cards quickly. Giving them a solid platform on which to quickly dump and view all those pics are the 80GB Epson P-6000 and its 160GB brother, the P-7000. Once the photo files are securely transferred to one of these viewers, shooters can re-format their flash cards and fill them up again, or rest assured that all their work is backed up safely while they start in on another flash card.

Hey, this could be a convenient thing to have around. Who wants to lug around a laptop for offloading all those pics, anyway? Even if you're not a pro photographer, this could be indispensable on a vacation where you just want to get a away from that laptop, and it lets you transfer the shots to its onboard disk at a rate Epson says is 35% faster than previous models.

Best of all, its 4-inch 640x480 screen is fed with Epson’s Photo Fine Premia tech, which can display colors that are more vivid and complete than ever. That should satisfy even the most color-sensive and finicky photog. Too bad these viewers are so dang expensive, at $599 for the P-6000 and $799 for the P-7000.

Via Epson