Electrolux iBasket is the perfect washing machine for procrastinating bachelors

Without a wife or girlfriend around to keep me in line, my laundry pile tends to build to frightening proportions before it receives the attention it deserves. So perhaps I need a washing machine that can work without needing my input.

A finalist in Electrolux's 2008 Design Lab competition, the iBasket doubles as a big laundry hamper, that will start cleaning automatically once the weight of the clothing reaches a predetermined point. Designed by Guopeng Liang at China's Tongji University, the iBasket has a WiFi link that lets you control the machine from your computer, and sends you a message when the cleaning is complete. That all sounds pretty good, although it looks like the iBasket would take up plenty of precious space in my Manhattan apartment. Perhaps Liang should think about an under sink version.

Electrolux Design lab, via Born Rich