Dry Water Massager goes out of its way to keep you dry

The Dry Water Jet Massager is a strange contraption, as you can tell by the name. Dry water? That doesn't make a lick of sense. But this thing is designed to give you the benefits of a water massage without getting you wet. It does this by placing all of the jets behind a waterproof polymer sheet, ensuring that not a drop of that horrible water touches you.

In addition to the dry massage, you get aromatherapy, audio, and video relaxation as well. But really, I don't get the point of this thing. What's wrong with getting wet? Isn't that part of the whole water massage thing? It seems to me that putting a sheet between you and the water defeats the purpose of the whole thing. And for the downright-insane price of $29,500, I think I'd prefer to have the option of getting wet here.

HammacherSchlemmer, via BornRich