Day4 solar cell breakthrough raises efficiency by 35% while lowering cost 25%

Solar cells just keep getting better and better. Day4 Energy is the latest innovator, figuring out how to squeeze higher efficiency and lower costs out of its newest design, which the company says will be ready for market within 18 months.

Using a unique Day4 Electrode that doesn’t block light like conventional silver contacts, the Canadian researchers say they’ve increased solar cell efficiency from the usual 14 percent up to 19 percent, and lowered cost per watt from $4 to $3.

Now all they have to do is mass produce this tech while keeping those costs down. Team up this breakthrough with MIT’s new way of extracting hydrogen from water using solar cells, and that pesky energy problem may be close to solved, forcing those drill-happy oilmen to put away their bits once and for all.

Day4 Energy, via Technology Review