Cyber Clean cleansing goop: 'I press it on, and the mess is gone!'

Remember Gak? It was that Play-Doh-like ooze that's easy to picture drooling out of rusty sewer grates. Now imagine pressing that all over your iPhone to get it clean. Nope, not gross at all.

Still, Cyber Clean (which comes appropriately packaged in a big tub for about $8) is a cleaning solution that acknowledges how oddly shaped a lot of technology is. It's hard to have one solution for everything: we use wipes for monitors, compressed air for keyboards, and water for the stuff we have to take apart, like shavers. Cyber Clean promises to tackle all of our gadgets, while killing germs and picking up dirt and other specks with its "patented 3-in-1, fragrant formula." Here's the thing, though: How do you clean the Cyber Clean? Looks like you just buy a new tub when it gets too gross.

Click Continue to check out an awkward awesome video of the Cyber Clean being squished into all kinds of crevices, or amuse yourselves with the screengrabs below.

Cyber Clean, via swissmiss