Cool down your Xbox 360 with a custom case

The Xbox 360 is a hot, noisy beast of a game console. Due to that heat, it's run into some problems with frying itself and getting the infamous "red rings of death." The only way to fix that problem is to send it into Microsoft for a few weeks to get it fixed, which is no fun. Looking to prevent that from happening while quieting it down at the same time?

The fancy Lian Li PC-XB01 is a case for the Xbox 360. If you're feeling industrious, you can open up your Xbox, take out all the guts, and place them in this. It's got a bunch of fans to make it run cooler, but you can swap those out for liquid cooling if you want it to run silently. Well, not totally silently. Starting this fall with the new software update you'll be able to copy games to the hard drive, shutting down the CD drive while you're playing. Then it'll be silent. How bad do you want to be quiet?

Lian Li, via CrunchGear