Capsule train concept gives you a room of your own

Here's a train with only one car, and room for only a dozen or so passengers. It seats folks in a series of individual, side-facing capsules, as well as a small room for four at either end of the train. It offers far more privacy than your average train cabin — something a lot of us find ourselves wishing for, especially riding crowded subways in cities — though it sacrifices the ability to move a large quantity of space and, for some, comfort. There'd also have to be a system in place to keep people from fighting for seats, but, hey, with a lot of these on the rails, I'd happily ride them. It seems like a nice place to sit and relax if you're going a short distance.

The train capsule is a concept by designer Hamit Kanuni Kuralkan from Melbourne, Australia. Check out the gallery below for more images, or click Continue for a video showing off all 360° of the train.

Via Tuve