Build the Taj Mahal out of 5900 LEGO pieces, the biggest LEGO set ever made

Quit wasting your time building LEGO models of Death Stars and LEGO space ships from moldy and childish movies that are decades old. Leap back a few centuries and build the Taj Mahal, the most beautiful structure ever created.

Construct the 5900 LEGO pieces — the biggest commercially available LEGO set yet — and you’ll have this detailed replica of the gorgeous mausoleum commissioned by India’s Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his main squeeze, Mumtaz Mahal.

You might need to spend some serious time to build this beast, but it certainly won’t take the 22 years and twenty thousand workers required to finish construction of the original back in 1648. And when you figure it would cost trillions of today’s dollars to build the real Taj, the $299 price of this LEGO set seems cheap.